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Year 8 Revision Materials

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Year 8 Revision Materials


By clicking on each subject you will see the information and links to the topics that you need to revise for your assessments.




Reading Assessment:

Short answer questions to test:

  • Knowledge of parts of speech
  • Knowledge of genre
  • Inference
  • Emerging analytical skills
  • The ability to select evidence


Extended question at the end to test students’ analytical skills as well as their ability to form WHAT, HOW, WHY paragraphs which explore the inferences they have made.


(All of these skills have been covered in your schemes of learning throughout the year)


Useful website for revision: Critical reading - KS3 English - BBC Bitesize

Writing Assessment:

This will be on creative/narrative writing. Useful website for revision: Writing skills - KS3 English - BBC Bitesize

Please check back on Tuesday 21/05 for further resources


The topics listed below will appear in your assessments, along with some of the topics from Year 7. Use the knowledge organisers to remind yourself of how to do a particular skill, then practice it using examples.

  • Indices
  • Fractions and percentages
  • Brackets, equations, and inequalities
  • Multiplicative change
  • Multiplying and diving fractions
  • Ratio and scale
  • Angles in parallel lines and polygons
  • Area of trapezia and circles
  • Standard form
  • Tables and probability
  • Working in cartesian plane






Assessment topics / sub topics

Revision reference (websites, books, etc)


Topics to revise

Autumn Term: Early Empires

·         The Early Empires

·         Native Americans

·         African empires before the Transatlantic slave trade

·         Emergence of enslavement from 1500-1700

·         Abolitionist movements



Spring Term: Experiences of Empire

·         Indian, Irish and Australian Experiences of Empire.

Summer Term: Britain in the age of Industrialisation: Protest and Rights

·         Industrial Britain

·         Chartists

·         Improvements in working and prison conditions

·         Early Women’s rights movements (Matchstick Girls)


Access our interactive knowledge organisers here:



All resources including websites and lesson slides can be found on:



Other information

The assessment will last for 40 minutes and include the following formats and Skills:

-Historical Knowledge- A short round of multi-choice questions and short answer questions

-A features question- Explain two features (who, what, where, why etc) of an event of individual

-Source inference- Using a historical source to identify historical interpretation and information

-Chronology- Placing events in correct chronological order

-Explain why- Explaining and linking causes of an event and the outcomes





End of Year Assessment – Revision Checklist – Year 8




Topic 1 – Rivers

I can…

·      Define the following key terms:

o   Erosion

o   Weathering

o   Hard engineering

o   Soft engineering

o   Drainage basin

o   Tributary

o   Confluence

o   Precipitation

·      Describe the key features of the upper course, middle course and lower course of a river

o   Common landforms (waterfalls, gorges, meanders, levees)

o   Dominant processes (erosion, deposition)

·      Interpret a storm hydrograph to describe

·      The amount of precipitation

·      The river discharge

Topic 2 - Population

I can…

·      Define the following key terms

o   Population

o   Population density

o   Population distribution

o   International migration

o   Internal migration

o   Population pyramid

o   Demographic transition model

·      Use a case study (India, UK, Japan) to explain how population changes as a country develops

·      Interpret a population pyramid to describe the population of a country

Topic 3 - Tectonics

I can…

·      Define the following key terms

o   Tectonic plate

o   Earthquake

o   Volcano

o   Convection current

·      Describe the key features of conservative, convergent and divergent plate boundaries

·      Use a case study to compare the impacts of earthquakes in more and less developed countries

Topic 4 – Year 7 Content - Development

I can…

·      Define the following key terms

o   Development

o   Developed country

o   Emerging country

o   Developing country

o   Gross National Income (GNI) per capita

o   Human Development Index (HDI)

·      Highlight the key differences in wealth, health and education between more and less developed countries