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Year 7 Revision Materials

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Year 7 Revision Materials


By clicking on each subject you will see the information and links to the topics that you need to revise for your assessments.




Reading Assessment:

Short answer questions to test:

  • Knowledge of parts of speech
  • Knowledge of genre
  • Inference
  • Emerging analytical skills
  • The ability to select evidence


Extended question at the end to test students’ analytical skills as well as their ability to form WHAT, HOW, WHY paragraphs which explore the inferences they have made.


(All of these skills have been covered in your schemes of learning throughout the year)


Useful website for revision: Critical reading - KS3 English - BBC Bitesize

Writing Assessment:

This will be on transactional writing. Useful website for revision: Writing skills - KS3 English - BBC Bitesize

Please check back on Tuesday 21/05 for further resources


 The topics listed below will appear in your assessments. Use the knowledge organisers to remind yourself of how to do a particular skill, then practice it using examples.

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Algebraic notation
  • Equality and equivalence
  • Equations and directed numbers
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Ordering integers and decimals
  • Sequences
  • Constructing, measuring and geometric notation





Assessment topics / sub topics

Revision reference (websites, books, etc)


Topics to revise

Autumn Term: How much power did medieval Kings have?

·         The Battle of Hastings​

·         William Conqueror and his methods of controlling England: Castles, Domesday Book, Feudal system​

·         King John and the Magna Carta​

·         The Black Death​

·         Peasants Revolt​

Spring Term: How was the monarchy transformed?

·         Henry VIII​

·         The English Reformation​

·         The Pilgrimage of Grace​

·         Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada​

·         Rule of Charles I​

·         English Civil War​

Summer Term: Why did people migrate to England?

·         Push and pull factors of migration to Britain​

·         Roman migration​

·         Viking migration​

·         Norman migration​

·         Jewish migration​


Access our interactive knowledge organisers here:



All resources including websites and lesson slides can be found on:


Other information

The assessment will last for 40 minutes and include the following formats and Skills:

-Historical Knowledge- A short round of multi-choice questions and short answer questions

-A features question- Explain two features (who, what, where, why etc) of an event of individual

-Source inference- Using a historical source to identify historical interpretation and information

-Chronology- Placing events in correct chronological order

-Explain why- Explaining and linking causes of an event and the outcomes



End of Year Assessment – Revision Checklist – Year 7

Topic 1 – UK Geography

I can…

·      Define the following key terms:

o   Physical geography

o   Human geography

o   Environmental geography

o   Population

o   Population distribution

o   Settlement

o   Weather

o   Climate

·      Interpret an OS map by using the following skills:

o   4-figure grid references to find a specific location

o   Contour lines to describe the shape of the land

o   Map symbols to explain what services or buildings are present at a specific location

Topic 2 - Development

I can…

·      Define the following key terms

o   Development

o   Inequality

o   Development gap

o   Developing, emerging developed country

·      Explain how the following factors can cause a country to develop slowly:

o   Being landlocked

o   Hot climates & tropical disease

o   Colonialism

Topic 3 - Ecosystems

I can…

·      Define the following key terms

o   Ecosystem

o   Biome

o   Flora

o   Fauna

o   Adaptation

·      Describe and explain the following features of hot deserts

o   Location & climate

o   Flora & fauna adaptations

o   Challenges & opportunities for people in this location

·      Describe and explain the following features of tropical rainforests

·      Location & climate

·      Flora & fauna adaptations

·      Challenges & opportunities for people in this location