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Why Choose Spires?

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Why Choose Spires?

Buildings and Facilities


Spires Academy is a bright and modern school built in 2012.  The school is designed around a multi-use are called the Heartspace.  This is the centre, the heart of the school and serves as a canteen, performance area and assembly space.  There are two buildings, the main building, has 3 floors and a second newer STEM building with 2 floors housing 6 incredible science labs, a drama room and performance area and a DT classroom as well as the Personal Development Centre.

Spires Academy also has;

  • A large sports hall
  • Outdoor pitches
  • Dance studio with sprung floor, full mirrored wall and music system
  • Multi-use games area (MUGA)
  • Large bright classrooms with the use of white boards, visualisers, interactive screens and projectors
  • IT suites
  • Music practice rooms
  • Conference and Meeting rooms
  • Flexibility to have open-plan and traditional teaching spaces
  • Naturally ventilated and energy efficient buildings as well as air-conditioning in the STEM building, the IT rooms and Technology Rooms.


pastoral care


Our core belief is that everyone should strive to be the best they can be.  We have an amazing Pastoral Team where the Vice-Principal, Assistant Principals, SEND team, Head of Upper School, Heads of Year, Pastoral Managers and  Tutors work together with students and subject teachers so that your child can thrive. Your child will see their tutor every day after morning line up. Tutor time comprises of time dedicated to reading, assemblies, citizenship and British Values.   Every morning and afternoon starts with a line-up and it is during this time that the Heads of Year and Pastoral Managers share key messages and remind students of our core values to ensure they are ready to learn.   Our pastoral team, including our Dedicated Safeguarding Leads, are based in the Student Services area and are available to students before school, at break-time and lunchtime.  We are committed to ensuring that all students know who their trusted adults are and who they can talk to. We also have a Personal Development Centre with dedicated spaces such as the Eden Room, Inspire and AP which create the inclusive environment only Spires Academy can offer.


teaching expertisE


Our strongest asset is the quality of teaching staff.  All our teaching staff are fully qualified and hold a degree in their key area of teaching.  Teaching staff thoroughly prepare their lessons according to the Spires Approach which caters for all students, and teachers give detailed feedback for them to be the best that they can be.  All teachers are given an opportunity to develop in the careers and get involved in the career path they feel more confident with. We are committed to inclusive education and our students are taught in mixed ability groups in KS3.  We believe teaching and learning is our core business and for this reason every member of SLT has a teaching commitment.


extra curricular


We place great importance on developing the key skills of respect, responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness, readiness and reflection.  Staff run a large range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after-school and in addition Spires Academy is unique in that, thanks to our Trustees and their endowment fund, we are able to offer a range of Sports and Performing Arts Academies which include gymnastics, golf, equestrian, football, music, drama and many more.