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Behaviour and Rewards

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Behaviour and Rewards

General Discipline

Students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach.

behaviour principles

  • E21C values of Trust, Kindness and Endeavour and school specific values and ethos.
  • The actions and words of each member of our community allows a positive working environment to flourish.
  • Individuals are helped to build their esteem and they help others to do the same
  • Positive attitudes and ‘can do’ mind-set that shows resilience and determination
  • Everyone accepts responsibility for their own actions
  • Doing the right thing – even when no one is watching
  • Individuals are supported by a restorative approach that recognises we all need help not to repeat poor choices.

School Sanction System

The sanctions available to the school include:

  • Withdrawal of privileges
  • Withdrawal from lessons
  • Break time detention
  • Lunchtime detention
  • After school faculty detention
  • Isolation Room (students will be isolated from lessons)
  • Alternative timetable (arranged on an individual basis)
  • Fixed term suspension (increasing incrementally for repeat offences)
  • Managed move (fresh start) to another school
  • Permanent suspension


The Academy behaviour policy and systems are designed to promote good behaviour, self-discipline, and respect; to prevent bullying and ensure students and staff can work in a productive and calm environment.


Behaviour for Learning Management Procedure

When unacceptable behaviour occurs, the Academy responds to incidents quickly and effectively. Unacceptable behaviour is divided into 5 consequences ‘bands’:

Amber 1 (A1) Amber 2 (A2) and Red 1 (R1)



Recent Education Acts have given school staff the authority to discipline students for breaking school rules, failure to follow instructions or other unacceptable behaviour. Teachers are now permitted to regulate the conduct of students when they are off school premises and not under the control of the school staff. The concept of “it happened outside of the school gate and is nothing to do with the school” is no longer valid in many circumstances.


It is important to understand that any action taken by a student of this Academy which could bring the Academy into disrepute will be dealt with under the school sanction system.

Although the school can now issue same night detentions, we will not use this power and will continue to give parents 24 hours’ notice for any detention lasting longer than 10 minutes.


It is important to note that parental permission for a detention is not legally required, although the school will listen to reasonable requests for a change of date for an afterschool detention (but not a change of time - if an after-school detention is issued then your child will be expected to attend after school).


Protection from Bullying

Spires Academy community treats all accusations of bullying as serious matters of concern. Teaching and support staff are aware of the need for vigilance and will follow up any incident that could involve bullying.  Students are encouraged to take a key role in making our school a safe and happy place for everyone and recently played a key role in Spires Academy achieving the Anti-Bullying Accreditation. The report highlighted that…


“The parents whom the Evaluator met expressed their appreciation of how the Receptionist ensures that the concerns that they raised reach appropriate members of staff and also reassures them that the matter will be dealt with”.


“The Lifeskills curriculum provides a comprehensive range of learning opportunities regarding bullying and the development of positive peer-to-peer relationships”.


“Ambassadors whom the Evaluator met had a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities; they described how they have extended their role from following up reports of bullying and arranging to restore relationships between the students involved to responding to situations that they observe around the academy site. They felt that their training has ensured that they know about signs of bullying, the level of support that they can provide, what to say in different situations and how to employ a Restorative Justice approach”.


Students should tell someone if they are being bullied or see any form of bullying.  Parents should contact the relevant Pastoral Manager if they suspect that their child is being bullied.  Alternatively, they can report any concerns directly by emailing us on reportbullying@spiresacademy.com


Class Charts

 As part of our continued efforts to drive up the standards of our students and improve communication with parents, we use a behaviour information system called Class Charts.  Class Charts will provide you with instant information about your child’s achievements and behaviour at school.  It will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss behaviour, allowing you to discuss the positive aspects of the day as well as areas that may need to be developed to reduce the number of negative points received.


Our students are very familiar with what they will receive at each stage of our behaviour policy, which I have outlined below:


Class Charts


Positive achievement points are awarded during lessons and when students are on site. The points build up each day and students are then eligible for a range or rewards. Parents can see these points as they are awarded.


Verbal warning. This is recorded as a negative behaviour point and is the students first opportunity to correct their behaviour.  No detention given.


Final verbal warning.  This is recorded as a negative behaviour point and is the students last opportunity to correct their behaviour before a detention is awarded. No detention given at this stage.


Removal - This is recorded as a negative behaviour point and will result in the student being removed from the class and placed in the reset room for the remainder of the lesson.  Detention will be set.


Class Charts - What can I see?

Behaviour - Selecting this tab will display multiple graphs which represent an overview of Aaliyah’s achievement and behaviour data within a customisable timeframe.  By default, the displayed date range is 31 days.  To view a different range of behaviour data, click on the date button to select from the available presets or create your own custom date range.  Below these graphs you can find a list of behaviour activity relating to your child.  These display the behaviour that was awarded, when it was awarded, who awarded the behaviour, the lesson the behaviour was awarded in, and how many points the award is worth.

Detentions - Selecting this tab will display a list of detentions which have been set for your child.  Detentions fall into 3 categories:  Attended, Not attended and Pending.

  • Attended: Your child has sat this detention. 
  • Not attended: Your child did not sit this detention.
  • Pending: This detention has not taken place yet.

To view more information about a specific detention, click on the arrow icon.  This will bring up a pop up that describes the detention, including the location for the detention, the awarding teacher and scheduling information

Timetable - Selecting this tab will present you with your child's timetable for the current day. This includes the time of each lesson, the lesson name, the teacher’s name and the room where the lesson will take place.  You child's current lesson will be highlighted in blue, as shown on the right.  To view timetable data for another day of the week, click on one of the other displayed dates along the top of the timetable.  To change the displayed week, click on the date button and select a date from the week of your choice.

Classes - Selecting this tab will present you with a list of your child’s classes.  Each class tile will display the class name, the class teacher, the subject and the room the class takes place in (if applicable).  To view the full list of teachers for a specific class, click on the show all teachers button for the class of your choice.