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Ofsted Report

Ofsted May 2017

We are very pleased to announce that for the first time in its history Spires Academy has been graded as a GOOD school by Ofsted. 

This is a massive achievement by the whole school community and everyone should be very proud of the part they have played:   All staff who work tirelessly to ensure we create a warm and nurturing climate for learning; our students who conduct themselves well in lessons, are polite, friendly and talk with pride about their school and their achievements and to our parental body who have believed in us, worked alongside us and recognise and appreciate the rapid improvements brought about in the culture of the school and in outcomes for the children.

What they said:

“Leaders have created a warm and nurturing climate for learning, which is summed up aptly in the motto, A Small School with a Big Heart.”


“Teachers are passionate about their work and ambitious for their pupils’ achievement.  They have very high expectations of pupils and set them stretching targets.  Pupils rise to the challenge, displaying an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to do the very best they can.  The vast majority of pupils work hard in lessons and are resilient when tackling new material”


“Pupils benefit from frequent educational trips and visits, and perform in musical and dramatic events.  For example, the school choir gives regular performances in the community and pupils enjoy taking part in the annual drama production.”


“Pupils have exceptional opportunities to enrich their education, develop healthy lifestyles and widen their experience.  For example, the sports academy provides opportunities for pupils to take up show jumping, golf and several other sports that might otherwise be out of their reach.”

Spires Academy OFSTED Report