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Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Staff Contact Details


Mrs A Burden spiresprincipal@spiresacademy.com

Vice Principal

Mr H Ovenden hovenden@spires.e21c.co.uk

Associate Vice Principals

Mrs H Clarke hclarke@spires.e21c.co.uk
Ms G Ellcock gellcock@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr K Reygate kreygate@spires.e21c.co.uk

Assistant Vice Principal - Inclusion

Mrs D Lee SENCO dlee@spires.e21c.co.uk

Faculty Leaders

Mrs C Harman AVP: English charman@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr K Mascall HoF: Maths kmascall@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr R Spence AVP: Science & Technology rspence@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr T Wisden HoF: Humanities twisden@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs S Wood HoF: Creative and Vocational Learning swood@spires.e21c.co.uk

Heads of Year 

Mrs S Strich Head of Year 7 sstrich@spires.e21c.co.uk
Miss K Ponsonby Head of Year 8 kponsonby@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr A Westgate Head of Year 9 awestgate@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr W Ball Head of Year 10 wball@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs E Ward Head of Year 11 eward@spires.e21c.co.uk


Pastoral Support

Mrs D Lee SENCO dlee@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mr K Reygate Pastoral Team Leader kreygate@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs K Hogben Pastoral Manager (Years 7 and 9) khogben@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs L Pollard Pastoral Manager (Year 8) lipollard@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs T Frodsham Pastoral Manager (Years 10 and 11) tfrodsham@spires.e21c.co.uk
Mrs J Hancock Attendance Manager jhancock@spires.e21c.co.uk


Mrs B Brooks Exams and Data Manager sac-exams@spiresacademy.com