Numeracy Support

“We all use maths every day, often without realising it. Helping your child feel confident about maths at home gives them a head start with their learning at school.

The Family Maths Toolkit is brimming with tips and advice including:


  • Advice about school and maths


  • How a good understanding of maths helps in everyday life



  • Information on the national curriculum



  • Current maths teaching methods”





What we’re doing



NSPCC Number Day

February 2016

Numeracy starters in every lesson.

Non uniform for NSPCC.

Pupils guessed the total age of every pupil in the academy.


Pi Day

14th March 2016

Starter involving Pi across the academy in every lesson


Multiplication May

May (Mondays)

Ten quick question on multiplication every Monday



World Maths Day

October 14th 2016



Fibonacci Day

November 23rd 2016