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Positive Activity Intervention Programme


Positive Activity Reward and Intervention Programme

Dave Yhnell is Spires Academy’s Youth Worker and as part of the Pastoral team he has organised a series of activities for the above programme to help engage our students in positive activities.

Canoeing on the River Stour

A series of courses for beginners are being planned for the year on the River Stour at Grove Ferry with Canoe Wild. Instructors from Canoe Wild and Dave, who himself is a senior instructor, teach our students various open canoeing paddling techniques as well as water safety etc. Students are also awarded certificates at the end of the six week course.


Indoor Rock Climbing

A great winter activity, we hope to continue this year with a series of six week courses where students are introduced to the great sport of indoor rock climbing held at Herne Bay High School. The sessions last year were very popular with students gaining awards for their efforts.


Six Week Angling Course

This term starts with a series of six week angling courses which are held at the Royal Military Canal in Hythe. Students are introduced to the sport of angling, as well as water safety. During the course various fishing techniques are introduced and a variety of fish are caught although, of course, the big one always gets away! This course is very popular and at the end of the course a certificate is awarded for students’ efforts.


Young First Aiders’ Courses

We have teamed up with V B Associates, a local organisation, who run a Future First Aiders’ Course with our students after school. The six week course introduces students to important first aid skills including personal safety, resuscitation, bandaging and many other techniques. At the end of the course students receive a Future First Aiders’ certificate.


6 Week Beginners’ Ice Skating Course

These courses have been, and continue to be, extremely popular. Students are taken to the Ice Bowl in Gillingham for a six week beginners’ course. After a brief warm up, students have a series of lessons with a qualified ice skating instructor. At the beginning, many students have problems standing on the ice, but by the end of the six week course become very proficient. Students receive a certificate on completion of the course.


Indoor Kayak Pool Sessions

We are hoping to run, as we did last year, a series of indoor kayaking sessions throughout the winter at a local swimming pool. Students are introduced to kayaking and how to capsize in the safe and warm environment of a pool. Various games and paddling techniques are introduced throughout the sessions.


Indoor Olympic Kayak exercise machines

These sessions take place every Tuesday lunchtime, where students can enjoy a series of techniques and games using the olympic kayak machines (ERGOs). With instruction from Dave Yhnell and Canoe Wild, these sessions are very popular and students have progressed from indoor machines to a series of regular sessions on the River Stour.


Lunch Time Games/Chess Club

Every Wednesday lunchtime we run a very popular games and chess club. This social club is very popular with the students and games played include Chess, Monopoly, Connect 4, Scrabble, Uno and many more.


England V Spain Reward Trip

As part of the Pastoral Departments Reward and Intervention programme, a group of 15 students went to cheer on England at Wembley Stadium. The event was a reward for students who had achieved excellent attendance and high achievement points. Students were invited by their house leaders to take part in this not to be missed opportunity.

Dave Yhnell the Academy’s Youth Worker organised the trip for the 15 students. The trip was a truly successful one, all of the students involved had never been to a Football match let alone an England home International at Wembley Stadium. Everyone had an enjoyable evening watching England lead by 2 goals up until the last ten minutes where Spain scored 2 leaving a 2 all draw.