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Kent Online Library

The Kent County Library Service is piloting a new service with Spires Academy. Students can register as members of the Library service from the Academy and this will allow them to receive a library ticket to use at any local library and to use the new on-line facilities.

Revision Links - revision for several GCSE subjects - revision for end-of-Key-Stage tests - revision for end-of-Key-Stage tests - education information, resources and ICT for students - KidsZine is a free online magazine with information and resources for students - access to the National Archives. Students can use the Learning Curve for researching an essay, a presentation, a report, a piece of course work or an in-depth personal study.

English Links - online English dictionary

Geography Links - 'Probably the best geography website available' (The Guardian). Virtual fieldwork, case studies, on-line maps, photo gallery, geography links

History Links - this is an on-line database featuring around 5,000 objects chosen by the curators from the British Museum's collections - this site has content about how castles were built and what it was like to live in a castle. - British Library 'Putting History in Place'. A collection of images and sounds relating to our history. (Needs a broadband connection) - this site contains a large collection of eyewitness accounts to some of the main events of the past - this is a detailed site for anyone studying the Great War - history material studied as part GCSE and A Level courses - detailed timelines covering the last 2000 years and links to other resources - wide-ranging history site for GCSE pupils

Mathematics links - support ffr Years 7-9 mathematics

RE links - the GCSE RE site

Science links magazine for teenagers - supported by op organisations in science - some interesting scientific facts