Behaviour & Reward

Reward System

At Spires Academy we believe in rewarding our students whenever they deserve it.
Students can be rewarded with  positive phone calls home and also with postcards.
We also have termly reward assemblies in which students who have worked hard will be awarded prizes.
There is also an annual Achievement Evening in which students who have made outstanding progress are presented with a certificate and a prize.

General Discipline

Students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach.
School Code of Conduct
At Spires Academy we expect our students:
1) To have mutual respect for everyone in the Academy.
2) To be punctual.
3) To be properly equipped  for lessons.
4) To wear the correct uniform with pride.
5) To listen carefully and follow instructions given.

School Sanction System

The sanctions available to the school include:
  • Withdrawal of privileges
  • Withdrawal from lessons
  • Break time detention
  • Lunchtime detention
  • After school faculty detention
  • SLT Friday afternoon detention
  • Reflection Centre (internal isolation unit)
  • Alternative timetable (arranged on an individual basis)
  • Fixed Term  Exclusion (increasing incrementally for repeat offences)
  • Managed move (fresh start) to another school
  • Permanent exclusion
The Academy behaviour policy and systems are designed to promote good behaviour, self discipline and respect; to prevent bullying and ensure students and staff can work in a productive and calm environment.  
Recent Education Acts have given school staff the authority to discipline students for breaking school rules, failure to follow instructions or other unacceptable behaviour.  Teachers are now permitted to regulate the conduct of students when they are off school premises and not under the control of the school staff.  The concept of “it happened outside of the school gate and is nothing to do with the school” is no longer valid in many circumstances.  
It is important to understand that any action taken by a student of this Academy which could bring the Academy into disrepute will be dealt with under the school sanction system.
Although the school can now issue same night detentions we will not use this power and will continue to give parents 24 hours notice for any detention lasting longer than 10 minutes.  
It is important to note that parental permission for a detention is not legally required, although the school will listen to reasonable requests for a change of date for an afterschool detention (but not a change of time if an after school detention is issued then your child will be expected to attend after school)