Alfie Port helps the homeless

Two sisters from Canterbury have addressed the city's homelessness problem in the most amazing way this December.

Canterbury Christ Church Student Hannah Port, 21, her sister Emily, 28, and nephew Alfie Port, 11, took to the streets in the city centre last week, dishing out hot meals to the homeless population. They even took treats to feed the dogs.

Starting at the top of the town, they delivered homemade vegetable soup to the homeless in the city's subways before making their way to the Westgate Towers, making sure that they covered all of the back roads as they went.

The sisters' wish to help the homeless this Christmas was partly inspired by Emily's previous stint on the streets. Emily, who became homeless through drug addiction at just 17, used to rely on help from the soup kitchen, which provided her with hot meals and blankets.

Speaking to Kent Live, Hannah said: "My sister and I decided that we was going to cook up some soup with some bread for the homeless people in Canterbury town. It's really been playing on my mind lately in this freezing cold weather how many people are homeless and without a hot meal.

The sisters made vegetable soup to feed the homeless across the city centre

"As well as this we took dog treats for the dogs that were with them as well."

She added: "We both understand that not all of the people we see on the streets are homeless for any other reason than a fault of their own. But we don't know each individual story. My sister wanted to give something back as she has been in that situation herself.

"We also took my sister's 11 year old son Alfie Port  with us to show him how lucky we are. It really put things into perspective for him. He enjoyed the experience because he felt good helping people and the dogs as he is a big pet lover."

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