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Creative & Vocational Learning

Welcome to the Creative & Vocational Learning Faculty

Our faculty includes subjects that are more practical in nature which provide students with the opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom and obtain key skills associated with the world of work.

Subjects include:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Child Development
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film Studies
  • Health & Social Care
  • ICT
  • Music


At Key Stage 3

Students in years 7 and 8 are given the opportunity to experience various techniques and processes while naturally learning about the basic formal elements in Art. They use both two and three-dimensional materials in topics such as Portraiture, natural forms, and the Mexican Day of the Dead.

At Key Stage 4

Students learn how to build a portfolio through process using selected stimulus to create a response. Using the knowledge learnt at Key Stage 3, they start the journey of immersing themselves into Art culture itself furthering their conceptual knowledge of the different Artists they discover. Our Art students will start to breakdown the formal elements even further through in-depth discussion and annotation as they experiment with different techniques and processes that they can develop into a meaningful informed response. We aim to inspire our Art students, and to prepare them to progress onto further education within a creative field as they develop comprehensive art portfolios ready to present as part of a 6th Form or college interview.

Art Curriculum Map (KS3)

Art Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

Art Curriculum Map (current Year 10)

Art Curriculum Map (current Year 11)

BTEC Tech Award in Art Specification


At Key Stage 4

With the global economies changing, the business world today offers exciting opportunities and requires a range of broad skills such as numeracy, technical, creativity and web-related skills. The Business course provide a practical, real-world approach to learning and aims to develop specific knowledge and skills learners need to work successfully in the world of business.

Business Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

Business Curriculum Map (current Year 10)

Business Curriculum Map (current Year 11)

BTEC Tech Award in Business Specification (Year 11)

Child Development

At Key Stage 4

Studying Child Development will enable students to develop significant transferable knowledge and study skills including:

  • A basic introduction into working with children in a variety of settings
  • An understanding of roles and responsibilities when working in a childcare setting
  • An understanding of equality and diversity within a childcare setting
  • A basic understanding of the stages and sequence of child development
  • An introduction to observing children and how it supports development
  • An introduction to everyday care routines and the types of activities that can support the development of independence

Child Development Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

Child Development Curriculum Map (current Year 10)

BTEC Tech Award in Child Development Specification


At Key Stage 4

With the ever changing arts landscape, GCSE dance offers an exciting introduction to broad a range of skills from the technical underpinnings of a variety of dance styles through, to the creativity in exploring choreography.  By studying Dance you will gain:

  • An introduction of the different types of dance techniques and styles.
  • An understanding of roles of a dancer as both a performer and choreographer
  • An understanding of the principles of safe practise.
  • An understanding of the dance landscape across the world.

Dance Curriculum Map

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance) Specification


At Key Stage 3

In year 7 and 8 students explore a broad range of PSHE issues and themes whilst developing a knowledge and understanding of drama techniques and theatre styles. As well as devising their own performance material, students look at scripted plays and scene extracts that include duologues and monologues. The aim is to nurture student’s confidence, communication, cooperation, concentration and performance skills; and enable them apply them to all areas of the curriculum.

Drama Curriculum Map (KS3)

Film Studies

Film Studies starts with individuals' excitement about a powerful audio-visual medium, which is central to today's society culture. The films learners study are designed to exploit that enthusiasm and motivate them to broaden their knowledge of film and film technology from the first moving images introduced to audiences in 1895 to the digital environment of contemporary film.

Production work is a central part of this specification. Learners will therefore be given the opportunity to create their own film or screenplay through producing genre based extracts. This will enable them to apply all that they have learnt about film to filmmaking or screenwriting as well as provide learners with a fresh, filmmaking perspective on the films studied.

In addition to the knowledge and understanding learners gain from their GCSE study of film, they will also develop a range of literacy, communication, analytical, production, IT and other transferable skills. This will enable them to progress successfully to higher level study, whether that is in Film Studies, other related subjects or work environments.

Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

GCSE Film Studies Specification

Performing Arts - Acting

At Key Stage 4

Studying Performing Arts - Acting will enable students to build on their knowledge and understanding of performance and develop into insightful and competent actors. Students complete a programme of study that includes the creation of a theatre in education performance based on an issue relevant to the target audience, an acting skills production from a published text and the delivery of two contrasting monologues as part of an audition process. The skills gained from performing arts are transferable to everyday working life and will enable students to collaborate as a team or work as an individual.

Performing Arts Curriculum Map

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts Specification

Health & Social Care

At Key Stage 4

Individuals working in the health and social care industry have a positive impact on the people they care for and make a massive contribution to the communities we live in. The Health and Social Care course provides a practical, real-world approach to learning and develops specific knowledge and skills learners need to work successfully in the care industry.

Health & Social Care Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

Health & Social Care Curriculum Map (current Year 10)

Health & Social Care Curriculum Map (current Year 11)

BTEC Tech Award in Health & Social Care Specification


At Key Stage 3

In year 7 & 8 students have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of computer programmes used in business and the creative sector and learn the importance of e-safety and the rise of cyber-crime in society.

Key Stage 3 ICT Curriculum Map


At Key Stage 4

In our fast paced online world, there are many exciting opportunities in information technology, requiring a broad range of skills such as literacy, numeracy, technical, creativity, problem solving and team working skills. The Information and Creative Technology course provides a practical, real-world approach to learning and develops the specific knowledge and skills learners need to work successfully in the industry.

Year 11 ICT Curriculum MapBTEC Information and Creative Technology Specification


At Key Stage 3

The focus of studying Music in year 7 & 8 is to develop key skills that enable students to build knowledge and understanding of music from a range of origins. Students then build on the knowledge of musical concepts from around the world and compose pieces in specific genres. Students will also experiment with a broad range of musical instruments from the orchestra as well as creating compositions on Pro Tools in the iMac Suite.

Curriculum Map (Key Stage 3)


At Key Stage 4

With the ever developing Music Industry, students will develop a range of skills including managing a music product from a recording and event perspective, music composition and live performance.  Students will work collaboratively as a group to plan the creation of a CD or online product whilst expanding their understanding of the equipment needed and how to source equipment from service organisations and agencies, how different organisations contribute to the music industry and the importance of them communicating and working together effectively.

Curriculum Map (current Year 9)

Curriculum Map (current Year 11)

BTEC Tech Award in Music Specification

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