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Welcome to the Humanities Faculty

Our faculty includes subjects that are closely linked and for which there are many cross-curricular links. Many students at Key Stage 4 study two or even three Humanities subjects.

Subjects include:

  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Citizenship


At Key Stage 3

We provide a comprehensive introduction to French, focusing on grammar through a range of topics which begins with learning all about yourself and others and includes where you live, what you do at the weekend and what you study.

At Key Stage 4

This course allows you to expand your knowledge of the French language, whilst discovering more of the culture. The topics we cover include:

  • Me, my family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free time activities
  • Social and global issues
  • Your town, home
  • Travel and tourism
  • School life
  • Jobs and ambitions

These are assessed through the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

French Curriculum Map

GCSE French Specification


At Key Stage 3

There is a focus on places, processes and landforms, geographical skills, enquiry skills and sustainable development whilst studying:

  • Year 7 - Exploring the world, Map Skills, Settlement, Extreme Environments, Kenya and Japan and Plate Tectonics.
  • Year 8 - Weather & Climate, Coasts, Rivers, Population, Migration, and Global Issues.

At Key Stage 4

Students will gain a wider understanding of the key skills learnt in Year 7 and 8 whilst gaining a wider understanding global geography through topics such as:

River Processes and Landscapes, River Management, Coastal Process and Landscapes, Coastal Management, Extreme Weather, Patterns of weather and climate, Climate Change, Problem-solving exercise, Urban and Rural Change, Development issues, Water supply and demand.

Geography Curriculum Map

GCSE Geography Specification


At Key Stage 3

There is a focus on the skills of the cause and consequence, significance, interpretation and source analysis while studying:

  • Year 7: Roman and Medieval history and crime and punishment
  • Year 8: the British Empire and twentieth century conflict

At Key Stage 4

Students will gain a wider understanding of British and World History:

  • Anglo-Saxon and Norman England
  • British America
  • USA in conflict: 1954-70
  • Medicine through time with a focus on the Western Front in World War 1

History Curriculum Map

GCSE History Specification

Ethics & Philosophy

At Key Stage 3

There is a focus on skills of developing opinions on arguments – looking at developing your own arguments and also counter arguments.

  • Year 7 - Judaism, Existence of God and Jesus, Values and the Community, Islam, Health and Religious Festivals.
  • Year 8 – Religious Laws, Government, Christianity, Buddhism, Putting Faith into Action.


Ethics Curriculum Map


At Key Stage 4:

In GCSE Citizenship you will study four topics over two papers: Active Citizenship, Politics and Participation, Life in Modern Britain and Rights and Responsibilities. Through this you will examine issues ranging from bringing about change to the legal system to making a difference in society, as well as build on previous knowledge and skills from years 7 and 8.

Citizenship Curriculum Map

GCSE Citizenship Specification

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