Contact a Member of Staff


Ms N Mattin



Vice Principals

Mr M Kelly

Vice Principal

Mrs A Kelly

Director of Staff & Resources


Assistant Vice Principals

Mr C Wallis

AVP: Head of Upper School

Mr W Ball

AVP: Head of Lower School

Ms C Lidyard



Assistant Vice Principals (Faculty Leaders)

Ms H Clarke

AVP: Humanities

Ms G Ellcock

AVP: Creative & Vocational Learning and Physical Education

Mr A Purland

AVP: Maths

Miss C Webb 

AVP: English

Mr R Spence

AVP: Science & Technology


Pastoral Support

Ms C Lidyard


Ms S Brooks

Pastoral Team Leader

Ms K Hogben

Pastoral Manager

Mr J Mullins

Pastoral Manager

Ms T Frodsham

Attendance Manager

Ms J Kitchenham

Student Welfare Officer



Ms J Mortimore

Exam Manager