Fishing Course Reward and Intervention Programme

Posted on: 13/11/2017

As part of the Pastoral teams reward and intervention Programme, 15 lucky students attended a 6 week Fishing course held on the Hythe Canal.

The course introduces students to the art of fresh water course fishing and on completion of the course receive a level 1 Cast qualification.

Many of the group had never fished before to the extent as some of the main concerns were the touching of the bait(Maggots) and taking the fish off the hook as they were slimy.

Week after week individuals grew in confidence and skills. Many fish were caught including Roach, Bream, Perch, Rudd and the odd Eel.

A rare fish was caught also by Alice Gaymer, A Brown Trout which is normally caught in fast flowing rivers not canals.

Pictures show Alice and her catch, Group Picture with Certificates 

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