Day 65 of COVID 19 @ Spires Academy

Posted on: 19/06/2020

Year 10

They have re-entered the building...Year 10 have been able to access face-to-face learning from this week and here are some of their opinions...

"I felt good before I got to school and I still feel the same. I really enjoyed today, it was quiet and nice."

"I have already been in before, I wasn’t really worried about coming in, today was fine during the day."

"Before I was nervous because it would be different. But as the day went on I was fine and it went by quick."

"It was alright, better learning as there’s smaller classes."

"Before I came into school I was a bit worried about coming in. But after I got here it was alright and just felt like a normal school day apart from social distancing."

Written by Genette Ellcock

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