Day 62 of COVID 19 shutdown @ Spires Academy

Posted on: 16/06/2020

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who have been identified by their teachers as working well whilst at home:

Maths - Sadie Prior, Abigail Gunner, Bradley Birss, Bradley Brown, Shamarni Campbell, Chris Curtis, Jasmine Southgate, Kyla Tough, Ewan Wood, Kayla Clarke, Lina Pun, Melissa Hubbard-Stewart, Jack Lyons.

Health and Social Care – Abi Gunner for having made a consistent effort allowing her to show progress in her studies.

Child Development - Kacey Parker for consistently producing excellent work throughout lockdown.

Science – Joshua Nye Brice for his excellent effort in numerous tests set by the Science department.

English – Shamarni Campbell – Effort.

English – Jasmine Southgate for a lovely creative writing piece and great effort throughout.

English – Daisy jones for her excellent Speaking and Listening submission.

English – George Adams for another piece of wonderful creative writing.

Careers Event – Libby Love/Elliot Belle for their commitment of wanting to push themselves towards bettering their future prospects.

Film Studies – Eugen Stefanescu/Ruby Doyle/Izzy Doyle for consistency in improving their work.

Music – Caitlin Paskell/Sapphira Hawkens-Callender for commiting themselves towards moving in the right direction of achieving big in their 2021 studies

Written by Genette Ellcock