Spires Students stories published in book Welcome to Wonderland, Tales from Kent

Posted on: 22/06/2017

 Young Writers competition leads to Spires students stories published


Welcome to Wonderland


In their English lessons, our year 7 & 8 students were encouraged to write a mini saga: a story in just 100 words. To plan for their stories the students had to decide on a setting, create characters, decide on whether their story was set in the past, present or future and most importantly, capture a moment in time.


Our young writers could be inspired by other stories but their own mini saga had to be original. The stories were just that –full of originality and plot twists. As a result of the limitations of the word count, the students had to craft every word for maximum impact. They learned the importance of drafting and redrafting, proof reading and peer assessing each other’s stories.


The stories were so good that we sent off eighty entries and were delighted to see fifty-five published in the latest addition of Welcome to Wonderland, Tales from Kent. What a fabulous achievement.

Written by Kelly Dale

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