Spires Show Jumpers Top The Scoreboard

Posted on: 05/03/2019

Showjumpers from Spires Academy led the field in a schools’ equestrian contest.

The competition, now in its third season, was held at Barton Field Farm Equestrian Centre. Littlebourne, on Wednesday, February 27, when Spires triumphed over competitors from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kings School and Canterbury Academy.

The Spires’ team consisted of Sophie Bucchus, 12, Codie Clackett, 15 and Hannah Rust and Ellie Wheeler, both 13.

Jumps ranged from 30 to 60cm and points were awarded for final placement at each height, with the team gaining the most overall points claiming the first prize.

The girls put in some impressive individual performances, with their combined scores earning them overall first place in the event that involved 16 competitors.

Clackett fought hard in the first round successfully mastering 30cm jumps and earning second place.

Spires most improved showjumper, Wheeler, took command of the next round to be awarded first.

In round three, 12-year-old Bucchus, the youngest competitor, achieved a respectable fourth place after holding her own against contestants in their 20s. The Year 7 pupil was taking part in her first every showjmping competition.

In the final round, Rust, who competed in the most challenging round,with jumps at 60cm, earned second place.

Nicky Lewis, Spires’ Head of Sports Development said: “The accumulation of good results was enough for Spires to steal the first league win of the season.

“It was an incredible achievement, especially as two of the girls haven’t jumped in competition before and it reflects the hard work and dedication of the girls, as well as the high quality of the elite provision at Spires Equestrian.”