Magistrates Visit Year 10 ASDAN

Posted on: 25/01/2019

This week we had three Magistrates visit the school, that work in Canterbury, Margate and Folkestone to do some work with seven of the Year 10 students, discussing the role Magistrates play in the legal system. 

Pupils started off with a quiz where we all learnt some interesting information about Magistrates, including that they do this work voluntarily! They then went on to go through a PowerPoint with them which looked at the types of court, the number and variety of cases that are dealt with, the roles of all within the Magistrates’ Court and sentences that can be given.

The pupils were then provided with a case study on cyber bullying, where they heard both the prosecutions case and the defence case.  They were then put in groups of three and had to decide on whether or not the offender was guilty or not guilty along with evidence on how they made thier decision.

Our visitors were pleased with the way the students interacted to the questions, concepts, and participated completely with all of the activities.  They need to be congratulated - well done!

All pupils were engaged and worked really well, and did us proud!


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