UKC Sport Science Trip

Posted on: 03/05/2017

Six Year 10 students (Megan Pearce, Amber Braiden, Eleanor Todd, Abbie Needham, Aaron Laughton, Owen Fagg) were selected to take part in a Sport Science research project at the University of Kent in Medway. They took part in six sessions in which the students got to experience a range of sports science tests in the laboratory and got to design and run their own research project. They were supported throughout their project by a PhD student from the University. The students’ were investigating how pressure affects reaction time in sport and tested this using light gate equipment which they worked and ran themselves. At the end of the six sessions after the students had completed the experiment, analysed their own data and drawn their conclusions; they had to present their findings in a conference style environment to their peers, family and a number of educators from the University. All of the students represented Spires with confidence and professionalism throughout their experience and should be very proud of their work. 

Written by Kelly Dale