Eleanor Todd represents Kent Girls U17 Cricket team in National County Finals. Team comes 4th overall.

Posted on: 31/08/2018

Sixth Form Sports Academy Scholar Eleanor Todd represented Kent U17 Girls Cricket Team in the National County Finals in Uppingham, Northamptonshire.

Kent U17 girls lost the semi-final against Staffordshire by 4 runs. Staffordshire 113 all out, Kent 109 all out. Eleanor was 12th man in both games.

Friday Kent U17 played Somerset in 3rd 4th play-off game. Somerset scored 209 Kent were batting well and chasing down the runs needed when it started raining. Kent were ahead of the run rate and if the rain continued they would have won but the sun came out again and the game recommenced. Duckworth Lewis calculations meant Kent lost some overs and the revised total meant Kent needed 70 runs from 10 overs, unfortunately Kent finished 15 runs short.

Lancashire 1st

Staffordshire 2nd 

Somerset 3rd 

Kent 4th 

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