Year 7 Castle Competition

Posted on: 28/02/2017

Over the Christmas holidays the History Department asked our youngest historians to create their very own Motte and Bailey castles. Their only brief was to be historically accurate and creative and our year 7s rose to the challenge!

Throughout the first few weeks of term castles of all sizes and materials appeared in Miss Blake and Ms Slater’s classrooms. The imagination and creativity of our pupils made Spires Academy proud.

After a long debate between Ms Slater and Miss Blake the winners of the competition were decided. All winners will receive a special history certificate and a prize in assembly during Term 4.

Most historically accurate winners:

1st prize - Daisy Jones

2nd prize - Abigail Gunner

3rd prize - Akoya Maplesden-Tonge

Most creative castle winners:

1st prize - Andi Cruickshank

2nd prize - Albie Hay

3rd prize - Kiah Scamp

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