Holocaust Exhibition, Imperial War Museum Trip

Posted on: 27/01/2017

On Friday 27th January a group of our GCSE historians embarked on a memorable learning experience to the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.  We re-traced the events in Germany during the 1930s and throughout Europe during the 1940s that changed the lives of Jews.  Lauren Berwick reflected: “I remember the massive re-construction of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  I didn’t realise quite how large the camp was.  How did the Nazis get away with it?”  Our students were supported in their learning by a commentary on a headset and had the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on this infamous event.  Lauren Berwick recalls: “I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to investigate what happened during the 1930s.  I learned so much that I didn’t know before.”  

After a thought-provoking morning, the students were given the opportunity to explore the museum.  Some seized the opportunity to experience a Second World War air-raid shelter, whilst others spent their pocket money in the book shop.  It was lovely to hear so many students share their plans to return to find out more about the history of war. 

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