How to make positive New Years Resolutions

Posted on: 08/01/2018

New Year’s resolutions have been around for millennia and are thought to have begun with the Babylonians, who made promises to their gods some 4,000 years ago at the start of the crop-growing seasons. In modern times, New Year’s Resolutions have evolved from making promises to the gods, to making promises to yourself to encourage a more successful year.

Whether it’s packing your school bag the night before instead of a rush in the morning, joining a new sports club or making new friends, the New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings, new plans, and a chance to make new habits into permanent ones.  

At Spires Academy, we encourage you to be the best version of yourself and believe that New Year’s resolutions can have a positive impact on helping you to fulfil your potential. We’ve compiled some tips on how to make New Year’s resolutions a positive experience, and how to help you achieve your goals throughout the year to make 2018 your best year yet.



Over a third of people say that they don’t stick to their resolutions because they’ve set themselves unrealistic goals, or have committed to too many resolutions. It can be overwhelming to go from 0 to 100, so you stand a better chance of success if you scale back your resolutions to a smaller and more achievable list. It’s better to make 3 resolutions that you will actually keep, then to make a 10 and not succeed with any of them!



Use positive language when making your resolutions – words subconsciously influence your attitude, so by using more optimistic language you can set yourself up for greater success.  Eliminate negative words such as “I won’t” from your resolution vocabulary and instead, replace them with “I will” to encourage affirmative action in helping to achieve your goals. Instead of “I won’t leave my homework until the last minute”, try “I will complete my homework on the day it’s set.”



Putting pen to paper and writing out your resolutions increases the likelihood of you following through with them. By writing your resolutions down, you have to think about and concentrate on what you’re putting on paper. This not only makes resolutions more real, but also serves as a physical reminder which you can pin to your noticeboard or stick on your fridge.  



The thing to remember with resolutions and new habits is that if they were easy, everyone would do them! Saying that you’ll do something is one thing, but actually doing it is another thing entirely. It’s only natural to feel disheartened if you slip up, but mistakes are completely normal when trying to reach your goals. Simply resolve to recover from your missteps and get right back on track, because consistency and persistence is key to success.


By keeping these thoughts in mind, you can start 2018 with the very best of intentions, and enjoy a positive & rewarding year at Spires Academy.

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