Football sporting achievements

Posted on: 28/02/2017

The match had a shaky start, with both teams wanting to stamp their authority on it very early on. Within minutes Spires soaked up a bit of pressure with a massive kick from Denis Mehalla which bypassed the midfield.  Olly Evans rushed on a mistake by the defender and with a cool left foot, slotted the ball past the goalkeeper, just 6 minutes in.  After a great start, Spires were brought back down to earth with a great corner from New Rickstone, which was met by their centre back like a bullet.  The pace of this match didn’t stop and after another few minutes Spires were back in the lead after a great individual run by Kian Reynolds who took on 2 players out wide and crossed a perfect ball into the box.  This was met by the left foot of Olly Evans to make it 2-1. Going with the pace of the game New Rickstone were back level after a mix up between the Goalkeeper and a Defender which resulted in Aden King slicing the ball into his own net.

This kicked the Spires team into gear and soon after this they won a corner.  Tom Dodds crossed a perfect ball back post where again the left footed striker, Olly Evans, popped up back post with a powerful header to take the game 3-2 to Spires at half time.

After half time Spires were under a lot of pressure, but Aden King and Eddie Jordan were like brick walls and swept up everything.  With about 10 minutes to go another great through ball by Tom Dodds opened up their defence and Olly scored his 4th goal.  Immediately after kick off, Spires pressed hard and stole the ball from the wobbly centre back and again Tom Dodds slotted straight into the path of the on-form, Olly Evans.  By now, confidence was sky high and after New Rickstone had slowly taken kick off again, the ball was given straight back to Olly Evans who slotted out wide for Kian Reynolds.  Kian had the last kick, scoring the goal of the match from outside the box, reminiscent of Tony Yeboah as it smashed off the crossbar.  This was the final kick of the game and Spires progressed into the next round

MOTM was Eddie Jordan.

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