Contact with parents

It is important to us that we work in collaboration with parents to ensure that our students feel safe in their school environment and are able to achieve their full potential.


To discuss your child’s academic progress or any concerns you may have please contact:

Mrs A Cole

Vice Principal

Mr M Kelly

Vice Principal


Alternatively, please feel able to contact any of the members of staff listed below if you would like to talk about your child’s wellbeing in school:

Ms C Lidyard


Ms S Brooks

Pastoral Team Leader

Mr N Lewis

Pastoral Manager (Year 7)

Mr J Mullins

Pastoral Manager (Year 8)

Ms K Hogben

Pastoral Manager (Year 9)

Ms S Sennett

Pastoral Manager (Year 10)

Ms T Frodsham

Pastoral Manager (Year 11)

Ms D Morris

Attendance Manager

Ms J Kitchenham

Student Welfare Officer