These are the uniform expectations which will be strictly adhered to from September.  As always we look towards our parents/carers for support in this area.

  • School blazer with logo
  • A white collared shirt with a top button that can be done up for the whole day.  (Polo shirts will not be allowed in September as they are only permitted in the summer term).
  • A house tie, correctly worn displaying the spires star logo.  (The tie should not have any threads pulled or runs and will need replacing if this is the case)
  • Black trousers, these must be tailored for girls and purchased from the online school uniform website (see link below). Absolutely no leggings, jeggings or jeans are to be worn.
  • Black skirt must be purchased from the online school uniform website (see link below) and must be 20" -22" in length.  Skirts (Charleston & Sailbury skirts only)and trousers (Trimley only) can also be purchased from Barnums in Whitstable & Herne Bay.
  • Boys trousers can be purchased on from the online school shop, but can also be purchased at other retailers as long as they are tailored.
  • Black shoes with no logos.
  • Black socks must be worn with trousers.
  • Plain black tights may be worn with a skirt. (But no leggings under the skirt please).
  • There is an optional black v neck jumper or a cardigan but it must have the Spires logo on it.
  • No other jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans are permissible.
  • All students should have a plain outer coat (not a fleece, sweatshirt or hoodie)
  • Any make-up worn must be discrete
  • Facial piercings are strictly prohibited e.g. nose studs, eye brow bars or rings as are visible tattoos
  • Extreme hairstyles (cut and/or colour) are also inappropriate

Please remember from Easter students may wear a house polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie with either a school jumper or cardigan on chillier days.

To purchase your uniform please click on the link below and you will be navigated directly to the uniform shop.  The password required to register is:

SPI202 (please note that it is a capital I and not the number 1)

Thank you for your continued support in this matter.





Important Information

Ordering uniform in time for the start of the September term

Pease note that, due to the high volume of orders received in August, we advise you to place your requirement by Monday 14th August so that we can process and ensure that you receive your uniform in time for the start of the September term.
Orders placed after 14th August will be processed as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee to deliver before school commences in September.




Visit our website to order: