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Homework Timetable

Homework Schedule for the Spires Academy 2017.

Spires has a homework timetable for all subjects with the aim of all pupils receiving one home work per week from each of their main subjects. For some subjects which are taught less frequently, homework will be set once every 2 weeks. All homework will be presented to the pupils in class, and also entered on Show My Homework a website where we store all homework so that parents and pupils can check the homework set at any time. Please check the link form our homepage.

Homework Timetable:

  • This allocates days when pupils are expected to complete homework for each subject. If pupils complete these home works on the allocated nights, they should not have more than 2 to do each evening. Please not that due to varying lesson timetables pupils may not actually have a subject lesson on that day at school.
  • Homework should be set on Show My Homework Prior to each allocation with a due date after.

For example: Maths homework is allocated to be done on Monday for all pupils – a teacher may set the homework up on Show My Homework on Friday evening so that pupils can do it at the weekend if they wish, and it may be due to be completed by the following Thursday. This gives them time to ask a teacher for help or attend homework club to get access to a computer.

  • Wherever possible more than one evening will be allowed for homework as many of our students have clubs outside of school which may mean that overnight completion is difficult.

Duration of each homework per subject per week:

  • Year 7 & 8 - 30 minutes
  • Year 9 and 10 - 45 minutes
  • Year 11 - 60 minutes 


Year 7 & 8


Year 9, 10 & 11


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