Examination Results - Spires Academy

Examination Results

GCSE Results 2016

New Performance Measures

This year the Performance Measures for Secondary School have changed quite radically.

Historically the benchmark has been the percentage of Year 11 students who achieve five GCSE passes at grades A*-C including English and mathematics.  The government’s national floor target was set at 40%.

This year the reported measures are:

  • Progress 8 (P8) which is what the government’s national floor target is now based on.
  • Attainment 8 (A8)
  • % of students who achieve both English and maths at C+
  • % of student who achieve the Ebacc which is a C+ in 5 subjects which must include GCSE English; GCSE mathematics; GCSE Science or GCSE Additional Science or GCSE Computer Science; GCSE History or GCSE Geography; GCSE French or other language.

The Attainment 8 is calculated by giving all GCSE Grades points:


















Not all subjects will count.  The highest scores from 3 ‘elements’ of government selected subjects are chosen.

Element 1:

English and mathematics

Element 2:

EBacc subjects

Element 3:

EBacc subjects or other approved qualifications

A student’s scores in English and maths count as double, although in English this is only the case if students take GCSEs in English language and English literature.

A student’s three highest scores in the EBacc subjects

A student’s three highest scores from EBacc subjects not already used, or qualifications from a government list

4 qualifications

Eng & Maths count as 2

3 qualifications

3 qualifications

Each student then has the equivalent of a maximum of 10 subjects that are used in the Attainment8 and Progress8 calculation


These points are then added together to give an individual Attainment 8 score.

To calculate the Academy’s Attainment8 score, all the individual average Attainment8 scores are added together and then divided by the number of students.  This is then the average score/grade attained by students in the Academy.

The Progress8 is a little more complicated to calculate basically:

  • Students that achieved the same results at KS2 are grouped together and their Attainment8 scores are averaged.  That gives an estimated Attainment8 score for the group (Each KS2 level is divided into 9 subgroups to do this)
  • Each student then has the estimated Attainment8 score subtracted from their actual Attainment8 score and this divided by 10.
  • This gives an individual Progress8 score.
  • The Academy Progress8 score is the average of all the individual Progress8 scores.

Floor Target 2016

In 2016, a school will be below the floor standard if its Progress8 score is below -0.5 and the upper band of the 95% confidence interval is below zero.

So to be above floor target we need to be above -0.5, which means that compared to students with similar starting points at KS2 their progress is not more than ½ grade lower on average in all 10 subjects than students nationally.


Disadvantaged Students

Low Prior

Attainment Band

Middle Prior

Attainment Band

High Prior

Attainment band


SEN with statement/EHC








Performance Measures look like:



All students

(121 students)


(Spires based students omitting students educated at the Health Needs Service and the inclusion service/PRU)

(116 students)


Attainment 8

4.02 (D)


2.82 (E-)

Progress 8 (this will change)




English/Maths C+ %




Ebacc %





Spires Academy is therefore above the Government floor target for 2016.

This year has seen Spires Academy take a big step forward in terms of its outcomes:

  • 48.8% of student attained a C+ in English compared with 33% in 2015
  • 44.6% of students attained a C+ in mathematics compared with 35% in 2015
  • 45.2% of students attained a C+ in science compared with 18% in 2015
  • 7 GCSE subjects recorded their highest C+ pass rate ever despite a national picture that saw the C+ pass rate fall for the first time in many years.

We are extremely proud of our students as it was a year group that had coped with extreme disruption and mobility throughout their time at the Academy.  Of the 121 students who completed Year 11 with us only 61 students started with us as Year 7 students.  The majority joined from Year 9 onwards with 35 students arriving due to the closure of the Chaucer School.